Welcome to Pinterest Affiliate Marketing - Let's Make Some Money!

Pinterest is such an awesome and fun tool that most think is only for PTA moms and crafters! I'm here to tell you that, while people do use Pinterest to find really cool projects and recipes and stuff, Pinterest also provides an awesomely easy and simply way to earn a little passive income JUST FROM PINNING STUFF! For reals! Be sure you are following me on Pinterest so you can see some of the pins that I create and share!

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is is a hugely untapped resource that can help SAHM's, WAHM's, college students, high school teens, and many others bring in a little side income. Some have even managed to make it one of their primary sources of income!

Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing can also be a huge game-changer for bloggers and business owners! Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic for blogs that have a Pinterest account?

This course is going to introduce you to the wonder that is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing by breaking down the basics of how it works, followed by more advanced strategies to increase your profit opportunities! We will also discuss how to use Pinterest as a tool for increasing traffic to your blog (or website).

You may have already taken my (FREE) mini-course where I give an overview of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, but in this course, I'll walk you through creating/converting to a business account (video tutorial), setting up your profile for success, affiliate programs outside of ShopStyle Collective, how and where to give your FTC disclosure, how to read your analytics, outside-the-box ideas for things to pin, as well as actual video tutorials of me creating long pins and scheduling them to post!

Full disclosure is that Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is NOT a get-rich-overnight gig! This is a gradual buildup with results varying from person to person. But it is something you can do as a hobby and build to higher returns over time. The more effort you put to it, the higher results you'll see. I started this as a side thing but decided to put everything into and it has ended up generating more monthly income than my blogs!

Also, I have a few affiliate links of my own in this course - meaning if you click on them I may receive a small commission but this is at absolutely no extra cost to you. I do talk about affiliate links as part of this course but you can also read my full disclaimer here.

As you make your way through the course, (with the exception of section titles) ORANGE TEXT within the text means the words are clickable links.